Workflow console

The link to my personal workflow console ; http://localhost:8080/alfresco/faces/jsp/admin/workflow-console.jsp

I`m testing all kinds of variations of workflows. (simple workflow, but mostly variations of the advanced workflow) Because trial and error clutters up my Alfresco environment, I want to clean up all the old (non-working) workflows.

If I understood correctly Alfresco does not delete the older workflows. If a workflow crashed (due to any number of reasons – aka wrong names, unreachable variables, wrongly defined names etc.) the workflow step is kept alive in the system. This is great for produktion systems, but for testing it’s not that convenient.

So i`ll delete them through the management console.

show definitions all     – show me all workflows that still exist in the system

delete all workflows imeanit   –  my personal favorite, but a ruthless one..

undeploy definition name jbpm$incentroWorkflow – remove this workflow from the system.

undeploy definition jbpm$26  – remove workflow with this number


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