NodeService vs nodeService

No, i am not speaking about a class and the instance of that class.

There are 2 node service beans “nodeService” and “NodeService”. The first is the internal bean, the second is the public service: the first bean wrapped with security and transactional proxies.

For a day I have been searching how to solve the error:

No authentication provider for net.sf.acegisecurity.providers.UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken

My Java class defined this:
NodeService nodeService = serviceRegistry.getNodeService();
Now I found out that this is the one with more security settings.

To solve it, I added the bean property:

<property name=”nodeService”>
<ref bean=”nodeService” />

And added this function to my .java class

public void setNodeService(NodeService nodeService) {
this.nodeService = nodeService;

Big thanks to this post :

And so now it’s working. Time to get to cracking at the interesting part…


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