Starting with an empty SQL database.

I did this before. Actually many times before actually, but if I don’t practice enough or document how to do it, I forget how to do it. I am (of course) talk about dropping and recreating a database.

So here’s how to drop the local alfresco SQL database and create a new *fresh* one.

– Start command windows (Str => Run => CMD)
–  cd C:\alfresco-enterprise-tomcat-3.4.4\mysql\bin

(make sure the database is running at this time)

mysql -ualfresco -palfresco

mysql> drop database alfresco;
mysql> create database alfresco default character set utf8 collate utf8_bin;

I renamed the folder : C:\alfresco-enterprise-tomcat-3.4.4\alf_data\
to C:\alfresco-enterprise-tomcat-3.4.4\alf_data_old
and copied the underlying folders mysql and oouser back to the new alf_data folder.

Then restart Alfresco & it should be working.
All empty, all fresh.
Time to put in some new stuff.


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