Picking up new stuff rather quickly now.

It seems I start to understand Alfresco. I can make custom actions, nice action buttons, run Javascripts (inside & outside alfresco) without errors. I can adress spaces & nodes and access their parameters now.

So level up !!!

We now need to find nodes & space within the repository without looking for names. So I created aspect like

– isCollection
– isHidden
– isConfigFile

Based on a location X where I start my script (see previous post how to get that location and context in a Javasscript) I want to find a Space somewhere higher up the tree. And where “before” i searched for a name of a space, i now search for an .hasAspect(“namespace_x:isHidden”) and if that’s true I do my stuff.


in ContentModel.xml adding aspects like this:

<aspect name=”mjb:isPlanning”>
<property name=”mjb:isPlanning”>
<title>MJB Planning</title>
<association name=”mjb:isPlannable”>
<title>Planning Space</title>


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